The Adventures of the Kludge

A Friend of Aur'Hum'Ahn's

There were two.

Here I am, the one without a name. Three days from Riverhaven. One could guess where Zoro, Regal, that… Wizard… Castor. that’s his name. I have no idea where they have gone. all I know is that they have left by boat, and have taken Aur’Hum’Ahn’s Blasted chest, and what is left of Casseio with them. I will march the final three days with the armour convoy, and hope that my companions are alive when I arrive. The crossbowman’s name i have not heard, but here he remains with me too.

Let us go over what has transpired recently, shall we? Yesterday, some White Rose order came and ‘abominations of nature’ throughout the convoy. Luckily for us, Casseio, Gods rest his soul, was quick of wit and word. From their story, anything not human or greater wasn’t pure of body or soul. Without my Utopian heritage and Casseio’s excellent leadership, they would have skinned Zoro, Castor and Regal. One man was different, he unnerved even I. Dressed with his rosebud closed and vine thorny, unlike the flowering motif of the rest, Zoro identified him to me as an Extremist. I must be Weary of this Organization in the future.

Nearing a Tower one day later, our mood was relaxed. we were nearly there, after all. Regal was doing his thing, a few hundred feet ahead of the group. He’s amazing at hiding, you know. Casseio had just made a joke about the Awesomeness of himself, when a white sliver of bone fell from the sky, piercing him in the chest. My medical knowledge told me the wound was fatal. I drew my spear and shield, as pain washed over every orifice of my body. A demonic voice rang through our ears. ‘Proceed no further. your Wizard friend sends puny scrubs like you to do his bidding, does he? his protection has failed you. Leave the chest, and you will not have to die. approach further, and i shall bring the legions of hell to kill you where you stand.’ Unacceptable. I invoked the Judge, the deity i have proved my ancestor. His power flowed through me. I began to march forward, prepared to incur this heathen’s wrath in vengeance to Casseio. My friends did the wise thing. They ran with the chest, after being blasted with lightning from somewhere near the tower. I felt so indestructible… For about ten seconds, I moved towards the tower. then the voice came again. ‘now, that isn’t smart. now you will die!’ From the top of the tower came a figure, flying without wings. I will never understand arcane Magic. We closed into spell range, and I Channeled the spirits of the Utopia, Spouting from my own mouth a string of Powerful Words I’ve never heard nor read. I knew their meaning however, and realized i was speaking in infernal. I think I had just told the man that his devils were of no use to him, for I am the master of all. Whatever i said, it unnerved him. His electricity spell seemed to miss entirely. He was still too far away for me to bring him to the ground. It was now that i spotted Regal in the grass along the roadside. his claws were ready to rend any powerful wizards that happened to fall out of the sky. Dodging a few more badly aimed spells, i had him within range. I further invoked my ancestry, and Cast their power towards the flying wizard. Focusing on his eyes, i let the power free. He is an incredibly lucky individual. at this point, his eagle decided it’s a nice day for a completely non magical flight. My concentration was broken, and the spell took it’s full effect on the Bird. Poor bird. My careless lack of concentration also managed to mingle with the primal forces that control the weather, as it seems. A bolt of lightning came from out of the blue, striking the wizard, like a miracle. He fell like a boulder, and right into the razor sharp claws of Regal. a Furious cloud of blood immediately erupted from the wizard as Regal proceeded to leave no skin on the wizard. i tried my best to continue to blast the wizard into the ground with waves of sound. Regal froze his fury of claws for a few seconds, as his fingers appeared to be caught on something. Then the body vanished. Regal ran back towards the river, and I saw nothing more but the Massive ring of lightning, and a fleeing ship. after a few more seconds of running towards the beach, i heard the voice yell ‘I will be coming back, and next time, I will be irrefutable!’ Good blessings of Utopia to my companions aboard the L.F.B. Zoro’s Plan B. On to Riverhaven, we March!



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