The Adventures of the Kludge

Delivered in 30 minutes or less...

Upon waking in the morning they were greeted by the innkeeper handing them a message asking them to bring the chest to Aur’Uhm’Ahn’s shop. They arrived, finding a young woman wandering the store, picking up random items off the shelves and asking the shop keeper,in innocently curious tones, as to what each item did before picking up another item, almost before he gave his explanation, and asking what it did as well, obviously to the annoyance of the keeper. His expression lifted upon their entering, and then even further upon seeing what they held. They explained all of the difficulties in their journey, including the death of their comrades at the hand of The Deceiver. Concerned with their stories, the keeper said that Aur’Uhm’Ahn would want to hear all the details, but that he was indisposed for several days as his responsibilities had placed him elsewhere. The chest was taken off their hands, the delivery finally complete. They both agreed they should rejoin the party, incase they came upon any additional hazards. A number of swift horses rented from a city stable hasted them along their path towards the rest of their party.



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