The Adventures of the Kludge

Feeding the Beast

‘Tis I, the unnamed. A short recount is in order. When we last spoke, we were in Riverhaven. Since then we have gone back to Tear, leaving our less frequently used magic items for the use of those who need them most. Laura wants to gather them all together and celebrate a sort of holiday. more information will come as we hear it. After a nights rest, Zoro put on one of her marvelous building performances and made the shipyard and canal ship worthy again. that Lyre of his is really proving to be a worthwhile investment.
We said our goodbyes to the sisters and the artisans who had restored the castle, and traveled back up to Riverhaven to see if we could… ’influence’ the nobles. A shameful display of lies and falsehoods by Zoro. Casseio was truthful as ever, power to him and his, well, unorthodox religion.
at any rate, it seems that the Armour craftsmen are more willing to return to tear under the illegitimate prose of mister Zoro. I had no idea a body so frail could eat as much food as Castor did.
Casseio gleaned a deal with Terreth of Riverhaven: to take the currency he offered us and to chase down the Hobgoblins and recover the Sal Validoran Shields. We tacked our horses and set off the next morning.
The journey was fairly uneventful, just fields and fields of wild grass for miles. At last, nearing Evening a few nights later under Casseio’s Abnormal Standard, we could see the trees. What we couldn’t see was the oversized and rabid goblin tiger that made a finger food out of Casseio’s Equestrian mount. I saw something i hadn’t seen for a long time that day. Casseio’s blood. fortunatly for casseio [not so for the cat] Regal was there to emit his standard ‘cloud of blood’ maneuver, quickly ending the conflict. i hope those things don’t nest here.
We entered the forest and trapped around aimlessly for hours, before those of us gifted with dark sight saw the Wolf. we couldn’t get a good look at it, it would move as soon as we turned our heads. it reappeared later when it was too dark even for Regal to see. Zoro and Myself could still catch the shape that was dark against pure darkness in the woods. He even waved at it.
Anyways, we fled the woods in hopes that the wolf would not attack us if we left. we got out of the woods okay, and made camp. Zoro’s watch was when the wolf made it’s reappearance, or so Regal says. I was asleep. Zoro tells me that he used her ability to detect thoughts, and was stunned at the mental capacity this creature had. Only Castor nodded in understanding at some of the things described. Zoro proceeded to tell the wolf a story to appease it’s ill will towards our presence, and it slunk away near dawn and the end of Zoro’s tale, it’s thoughts of a calmer nature.
So our dilemma presents itself. Do we continue to feed the beast, or do we starve ourselves of its mysteries?
~the Unnamed, entitled Marble.



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