The Adventures of the Kludge

Horns in the Fog

Starday, Sarenith 30th

We have been traveling for days. Though this magical banner from Aur’Uhm’Ahn has allowed us to travel further than normal, the travel has still been slow going. As all the beasts in Tear have already been slaughtered for meat, men are forced to carry this shipment on their backs or on push carts. While camping at one of the abandoned watch-towers on the road, we heard sounds of horns blowing in the pre-dawn fog. The horns were blowing from, seemingly, all around us. I sent Regal and Drexel, another useful citizen with an aptitude for stealth, off into the thick mists to investigate. They came back with reports of hostile hobgoblins. Though Zoro tells me that there’s been a long standing peace with the hobgoblins since the bug wars, I’m uneasy about trusting our fate to them. It could be that the recent unpleasantness in Tear has caused them to become opportunistic and violent against us once again.

We decided after some deliberation to make haste and advance through the fog and past their lines, fighting if we had to. When we reached their forces, the tensions seemed to be too great and hostilities commenced. Their commander shouted something that gave me pause. Perhaps they were not lurking in the fog to attack us, but this was just some ill-timed coincidence. We gave them parley, ceased hostilities, and healed the wounds we had caused. I gave the commander a potion of bull’s strength in penance for our transgression, and we left them to their maneuvers.

I pray this is the most excitement we will see along the trail. The longing to be rid of this mage’s box is great, for it is a great target for us. All these peasants are vulnerable while we carry it, though if our ruse is successful then those who seek it shall not know of its passing.



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