The Adventures of the Kludge

Hunting for Villians

Moonday, Sarenith 24th

The Unnamed has spent much of his day in toil, making a seemingly endless supply of tindertwigs, as a laborer’s mourning. Regal has gone to contact Aur’Uhm’Ahn and get what supplies are available. Ang is speaking with his order to see if he can gain more aid. Zoro is trying to track down the cowards that burned down the inn. Myself, I am trying to drown my sorrow in mundane tasks of organizing the castle staff and our New Order.

This morning, Nameless has called upon the divine to speak with the remains of our friend, the brewmaster. His ghostly voice told us much of use: he didn’t know where he was taken and killed, but sounds of revelry were heard not far off. I leave at once with what companions I can muster to investigate a nearby tavern and brothel. May the gods watch over our noble quest.



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