The Adventures of the Kludge

Regal's Notes

The Long Hard Climb to the Top

After the encounter with the Kobolds, we had Food! (Pterodectyl to boot!) to feed the hungry masses. The party decided to move on to the next tower (more defensible position!) before indulging. Just having a meal available seemed motivating. The people were talking and laughing. laughing! I heard laughter for the first time since the journey to Riverhaven began. I decided to join in the merriment, rather than scout ahead, as per usual. A mistake I will never make again. It was only a second I’d let down my guard, an arrow from the upcoming tower hit the ground, just missing Cassieo. however, another had flown true, ans struck Nameless. Instantly, joy turned back in to pain, then to panic. Only Cassieo, Nameless, Zoro, Castor and I stood, able to hold our own. My instincts told me to charge the tower before the archers could pick us off. Zoro and Castor followed, at the slower pace i would expect of people who only run on two limbs… Anyways, Soon after I had reached the tower, I heard Cassieo and Nameless cry out “four more!”. I looked back and saw Nameless get rammed through by an insanely large falchion, and then proceed to ram his equally large spear through another bugbear. Cassieo changed to save his friend from another scar with his shield glowing and with bravery I have only seen equaled by Cassieo himself. Nameless had dropped the spear and now wielded his sword, as the bugbears had closed in on the pair of Aasimar. I wanted to watch their skill as both my friends drew blood on the new threat. but I was startled back to my task by the sight of a volley of arrows and the distant cry if pain from Castor. Needing to take out the artillery threat, I climbed the tower. ‘four archers and a’ I had called, just as a wave of pure sound knocked me back off the top of the wall, my body hitting the stone floor one story below. an arrow followed, and the world went black again!. Next thing i remember was Zoro, standing over a bloody mass of fur and blood that was my mangled, unconscious body. I failed the party again I can do nothing right. I looked down seeing Nameless shielding Castor’s prone lifeless body, the blood still dropping from both their wounds. Casseio, running to our aid, skirted past another cascade of arrows, one drumming his shield and nearly missing the fleshy part of his neck. I have to make it up top and stop this! Zoro then yelled out words of affront, wrath and indignation….If anyone tells you that words don’t hurt, ask those bugbears. instantly I smelled burning flesh. Using that distraction I climbed the tower. Zoro, with some effort, grappled up with her trusty whip. Once the both of us had ascended, the bugbear blood flowed red and their spirit to fight was shattered. Casseio used his silver tongue and negotiated a ceasefire, and the cowards dropped their weapons and ran.

Casseio has started to cook the Pterodactyl and Zoro is telling the story of the battle. Nameless is healing people and Castor is studying. The people’s morale has started to rise again. I am not in the mood to eat. I will go keep guard. I’m tired but I am not looking forward to sleep. These nightmares are persistent and disturbing. Nameless told me he may be able to help…I hope so.



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