The Adventures of the Kludge

Riverhaven, Journey's Beginning?

*Party arrives, in its entirety in Riverhaven
*Armor crafters allow admittance to western side with weapons due to party’s service as guards.
*Return to Aur’Uhm’Ahn’s shop to find it damaged and surrounded with guards and city watch.
*Spoke to Temple and learned that Cassieo isn’t actually dead, but in some kind of stasis or coma.
*When passing through the Citadel, the party notices that the shields and spears found after their initial shipwreck are identical to the ones used by the Riverhaven military.
*Granted audience with General Terreth, an aging, sickly looking man whom asked about your incidents with the shields/spears, hobgoblins and bugbears.
*He introduced you to his elder sister, Luneria, feeding small animals in the park. She agreed to look at Cassieo and attempt to return his soul to his body. The assistance of Nameless was requested.
*Rydia and Regal snuck into Aur’Uhm’Ahn’s shop to investigate what happened. They found the shop keeper was killed, leaving the shop itself unguarded. Unable to contain their kleptomania, they steal half items in the store and tote it away in a pair of bags of holding.



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