The Adventures of the Kludge

Riverhaven, Journey's End

Zoro watched as the flying black terror that had murdered two of her friends disappeared in the distance. As she readjusted herself on the small vessel, pain twinged through her wounds. Wounds that had nearly proven fatal. At the thought, Zoro found her eyes drift towards the back of the vessel where the bodies of both Cassieo and Castor lay slumped over the chest both had given their lives to protect. Was the price they paid worth its contents? It certainly wasn’t worth the wealth they’d been given to ensure its safety; wealth that had seemed excessive at the time. The poor, wounded look on Regal’s face showed that his pain mirrored her own. The shoreline flew by quickly as the swift boat ate up the remaining distance to Riverhaven, covering in hours what would have taken another two days for the slow moving caravan. Long before they could see the outline of the city Regal spotted a thin, tall shape arose from the center of the river. Curious, a trait common to his race, Regal asked Zoro what it could be. Zoro, seeminly glad to be asked, explained it belonged to the great island citadel of Riverhaven; one of the strongest fortresses that had held the vast Formian hordes at bay. She seamlessly transitioned to the telling of various stories which seemed to help them forget that their two friends had been slain only a few hours before, lightening both their moods. The stories lasted a few minutes until they pulled up to the pier to unload where they were brashly rejected by the deck guards, taken as more starving refugees from Rear. The two guided the boat further north along the shoreline and stealthily docked it against one of the shorter riverwalls. Zoro agreed that Regal, being the stealthier of the two, should be the one to quietly search out a healer to tend to their fallen comrades. A little exploring, and some heavy lifting, later they found themselves at an inn with directions to Aur’Uhm’Ahn’s magic shop and a temple with a healer willing to look at their friends on the morning.



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