The Adventures of the Kludge

Villian Trapped! Villian Escaped!

Moonday, Sarenith 24th (evening)

With a bit of divine guidance, we’ve located the source of evil and corruption in this district. Another local inn was playing host to Aesth’rith and his minions of mayhem. Nameless and I waited at the bar while Regal and Ang snuck down into the basement. After waiting one minute, Nameless summoned several prancing ponies to distract the bar patrons. We made our way down under cover of chaoes. In the bowels, we discovered the black heart of this vile organization. We easily dispatched the orcish guard, who was naked and entertaining two young women. Ang and I then broke down the door into the inner sanctum.

The fight that followed was epic indeed, and no amount of penmanship will do it true justice. During the fighting, Ang gave his life for our noble cause. As the reaper’s blade was swinging wildly through the air, he fell on it to save my life. He shall be missed.

After the bloodbath in the basement, Aesth’rith, vile tiefling and agent of evil, made his escape! We pursued him up the stairs and into the tavern’s common area. There, he was joined in battle by several of his lieutenants. Though the battle was fierce, we managed to defeat much of his forces. In the end, that criminal did escape across the bridge.

We’ve managed to set up a perimeter of sorts, and guards are on the look-out for that tiefling. The inn itself has been confiscated and given to those that lost their inn recently in an act of forced penance.

In the morning, we march for Riverhaven with the goods the armorer has warehoused and the package from Aur’Uhm’Ahn.



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