The Group

The members of the party; past, present and… future?

Cassieo: The head-strong and cock-sure (or is it the other way around?) paladin out to right all the wrongs in the world, no matter who must pay the price!

:A cleric of law and order, that isn’t quite so lawful nor orderly, but none-the-less has snatched many of his comrades from the very brink of the abyss, just not ALL of them.

Regal:A frisky feline with a tendency to get himself into trouble, as well as lick himself at inopportune times, in inappropriate places, has proven to be an invaluable asset to the party, providing their supply of cat-nip holds.

Zoro:The suave, charismatic lady’s man… or man’s lady or… you know what? I’m not even sure ZORO know’s what it is, nor who its interested in! Regardless, its whip-quick tongue has smoothed over many of the party’s social blunders, and its whip-quick whip has been useful in many encounters!

Castor:So committed to the cause he actually gave up his life for it, and then came back for more! Fledgling master of the arcane, or so he thought before being mortally tickled by an apprentice.

Jeoffry:A sure-eyed, snap-shot with a bow, yet only when shooting his friends or something that’s already dead!

Rydia:An accidental interplanar traveler that—“OOOHHH! SHINEY!!!”

The Group

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